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Welcome to Obsidian Mobile

With Obsidian Mobile Unlimited Plans, you can enjoy unlimited talk, text and data on one of the largest, fastest and most reliable LTE networks!

 Obsidian Mobile is a proud supporter of DentMed, Inc. and the 2024 Philadelphia, PA and Lusby, MD Pop-up Health Clinics!

Obsidian Mobile has joined forces with DentMed, Inc. Together we share a common mission - to address the gap in healthcare treatment for families in need. A large percentage of every monthly plan payment is donated to DentMed, Inc. and their Pop-Up Clinic initiative. We are committed to ensuring that high-quality dental, vision and medical care is made available to those who need it, cost-free over the coming years. “A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else’s life.” – Roy T. Bennett


To learn more about DentMed, Inc and their Pop-up clinics, please visit

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Obsidian Premium 
(55 GB Per Line)

$64.95 (+ tax)

$49.99/Line (Total $99.98/mo + tax)

$35.25/Line (Total $105.75/mo + tax)

$28.50/Line (Total $114.00/mo + tax)

$26.25/Line (+ tax)

Unlimited Talk                  Wi-Fi Calling
Unlimited Text                  HD Streaming
Unlimited Data                Mobile Hot Spot
4G or 5G                             VoLTE

Obsidian Simple
(1 GB Per Line)

(plus tax)

Unlimited Talk                 
Unlimited Text                  
Unlimited Data                
4G or 5G

Wi-Fi Calling 


Let the Savings Begin!

Get Obsidian Mobile Service Today

Get Obsidian Mobile Service Today

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